About Peer To Peer

Our Background

Peer To Peer Uganda (PEERU) is a registered organization that was founded by a group of young people who volunteered their time to work towards social transformation through reaching out to fellow young people in rural communities of Uganda.

Since 2013, PEERU has demonstrated that young people are significant actors in development and can drive positive change at local, community, national and international levels in the areas of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention and through strategic partnerships and Harm reduction developing age appropriate awareness campaigns and interventions.

About us

Our programs as an organization are based on a holistic bottom up model, focusing on individual leadership change amongst young people as well as systematic change in policy and practice towards a more supportive environment for youth led development. PEERU provides, equips and inspires young people (12–30) years in Uganda with high quality, high impact and gender-sensitive sexual and reproductive health and rights information through capacity building, specialized service referral, issue-specific advocacy, strategic partnerships and life skills through rights based programming. Our programs target Adolescents and young people in Uganda between ages of 12 -30 years (12-24, 25-30) both in school and out of school in Peri-urban and rural communities.

Peer To Peer Uganda (PEERU) is a direct member of African Youth and Adolescent Network on Population and Development (AfriYAN, Uganda Chapter under the UNFPA).

Our Mission

Our mission is to implement strategic behavior change communication interventions that address key issues related to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights and HIV/AIDS among young people in Uganda.

Our Vision

To see young people living a responsible livelihood through making informed decisions and life choices.

Our Objectives

We aim at implementing strategic and behavior change communication interventions that address key issues related to SRH and Rights and HIV/AIDS among the young people in Uganda.

  • To engage young people in Health, policy, and advocacy issues through providing development education and support.
  • To contribute towards the reduction of school dropout levels among young people in Uganda through influencing positive behavior change.
  • To provide professional peer education services to millions of young people in Uganda.
  • To contribute towards a reduction in all forms of violence against girls and young women in Uganda.
  • To empower generations to make informed decisions and life choices through restoring realistic hope among young people.
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