For Her Extra Ordinary Triumphs: Paint Beyond Her Picture. #PEERU4women

For Her Extra Ordinary Triumphs: Paint Beyond Her Picture. #PEERU4women


I usually tell my friends that every day is Women’s Day at PEERU which keeps them wondering why. The supporting team with mutual respect and understanding makes our days special. International Women’s Day is getting close and we at PEERU can’t hide our excitement. I have to say this, honestly a number of people have come up to illustrate their beauty, however the woman’s “inner and outer ” beauty is unbeatable.  We have seen women become change makers, fearless leaders in the community, family providers, care givers, lovers, and peace ambassadors to mention but a few. Their work has seen people inspired and a true exhibition of their enjoyment of their fundamental right to recognizing their achievements in the society.

What is deplorable however, we have seen these women become victims of Human Rights abuses and violence which includes physical, sexual, verbal, restricted access to health care, mandatory HIV AIDS testing, forced eviction from homes, arbitrary and unlawful arrest, police harassment, and many others. It is not news that some women have suffered silently of such unfairness and discrimination. We therefore need such time to identify ways how to rescue women from such injustices so that they can enjoy their God given rights and freedoms maximally.

Peer To Peer Uganda (PEERU) cannot definitely turn a blind eye on occurrences that adolescents and youth experience. To effectively engage in reproductive health rights, we must be prepared to break the boundaries, work in the margins and be willing to take significant risks.

This year’s Women’s Day, PEERU recognizes the women that have inspired the young generation. Our organisation is progressing because of the transformational work they have done. Our board Secretary Ms. Judith Ninsima for her extraneous effort and team work with the board members. Dr. Janice Desire Busigye, your hard work and determined spirit leaves us speechless. Other phenomenal ladies behind PEERU are Ms. Suzan Nerima and Ms. Joyce Kanyomu. We are thankful for nurturing the adolescents.

Appreciating the work done by our sisters is mandatory at PEERU. It cannot stop now, this has to be maintained, no doubt engaging women leads to sustainability. Definitely a supporting team of gentlemen at PEERU is amazing.

Be part of the move, let it reach beyond the stars, try to grab ice cream for a sister on the day, watch a interesting movie, I love having “nyama choma ”  I will have to hang around with friends and we laugh eat and talk inspiring stories.

This is a wakeup call to everyone out there, stop and make a lady happy. Happiness to a woman is happiness to us all. A woman is the only shining star in the sky.

Happy Women’s Day!

Patricia Humura

Programs Manager

Peer To Peer Uganda