Our Projects

Am Not A Statistic

While Uganda has achieved tremendous strides in addressing the spread of HIV and AIDS, teenage is on the rise. This is a media campaign meant to inform stake holders and policy makers and also create awareness about the existing issues and challenges that young women and girls face with addressing teenage pregnancy issues during and after pregnancy.

Adolescents and young girls are not statistics: they are young people with hopes and aspirations in life like any other young person who have dreams to pursue their careers in future. Multitudes of young people are limited by these statistics and this is the reason the campaign is aimed at breaking the silence on issues around teenage pregnancy and also encourage society to support young people who are victims of circumstance but not isolate them or look at them as failures so as to retain hope for tomorrow in lives of such young people.

The Good Health Initiative

The Good Health Initiative (Goheal) is a project that was specifically tailor made for the out of school communities of young people who are affected and are also vulnerable to STI, HIV/AIDS , teenage pregnancy, and related issues caused by limited access to Sexual reproductive Health information and services. The project works hand in hand with already existing community clubs to coordinate and reach out to project beneficiaries.

In communities where there are no clubs existing, the project works towards creating youth clubs and work towards building their capacities so as to be able to sustain themselves and also be in position to reach out to more young people with in and around their communities. Furthermore it aims at working towards creating networking opportunities to promote learning. Activities focus on youth-led media, youth rights, and youth involvement in community decision-making, and other methods.

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